Who we are and what we do


Enhanced Parent and Child Assessment Services (EPACS) is a specialist provision within Enhanced Foster Care www.enhancedfostercare.co.uk, an established fostering agency in the South of England; part of the Enhanced Children’s Services Group www.enhancedchildrensservices.co.uk


Our parent and child placements provide specialist foster placements where a parent (s) are given an opportunity to parent their child/children, develop their parenting skills and together as a family live for a period of time within a specialist foster home receiving guidance and support. Some parents, for many different reasons, may need to be assessed, the foster home enables them to remain safe and together whilst this is happening.


The reputation and success of all of Enhanced Children’s Services’ is underpinned by our ethos and ability to achieve excellent outcomes for our placements by proactively and collaboratively working with the children, their families, placing authorities, professionals and regulatory partners and truly believing that, wherever possible, a child should live with and be cared for by their parent(s) or a family member.

What we believe : The Children


• Their needs are central to all the decisions and recommendations we make.

• We constantly strive to achieve the best outcomes including being Safe, having Stability, being Healthy and achieving permanency.

• Wherever possible children should live with and be cared for by their parent(s) or a family member


What we believe : The Parents


• They should be supported in maintaining or developing healthy lifestyle choices for their children and themselves.

• Access to social and community based support is a right that will be encouraged and supported.

• Parents have a right to respectful, honest and transparent reviews and feedback throughout the Assessment.

• Wherever possible children should live with and be cared for by their parent(s) or a family member.


What we believe : The Carers and Assessors


We believe that for the Carers and Assessors within EPACS that in addition to the objectives of EFC that

• They should receive a comprehensive support service to achieve the best child focused assessment outcomes, enhance professional development and gain a sense of achievement.

• Be valued members of a multi-disciplinary Assessment Team receiving high quality social work and Clinical supervision.

• We will strive to recruit, support and retain from diverse backgrounds.

• We value, support and encourage all diversity including race, culture, religion and linguistic heritage. We believe in working for the rights of those who are perceived as disadvantaged, for whatever reason, including relating to gender, sexuality, age or disability.


What we offer


Assessment placements – usually last around 12 weeks and involve completing a comprehensive and robust assessment report that considers the parent’s ability to care for their child. The information provided by the EPACS Assessing Team often forms part of a wider Court directed assessment into parenting capacity.


Preparation (Pre-birth) placements – are provided mainly to young parents and aim to help prepare the parent(s) for the birth of their child by supporting them to understand their own needs and the needs of their baby. This placement may also provide support to the young parent should they move into an assessment placement on the birth of their child


Parenting supporting placements – are offered to parents who need help to learn how to provide basic care, nurture, safety and guidance for their child and supports the parent to learn about their relationship with their child.


Transition Placement – This type of placement can also be offered if the parent needs a safe place to live whilst they are waiting for suitable community accommodation. These type of fostering placements are undertaken by specifically trained foster carers, who observe and assess the progress made by the parent and the child, working closely with a skilled, experienced social worker from the EPAC Assessment Team. All our work is based upon robust assessments of needs and risk analysis providing evidence based recommendations.


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